Droning on and on.

And just like that, I went from “I’ll try to post frequently with some intermixed dog pics” to “21 days since your last post on Cain.blog”. I even failed at the dog pics part.

How about a dog video instead?

If the above wasn’t obvious, we got a drone a little while back, but because of the renovation on the house and the delightfulness that is late winter in Maine, I’ve only taken it out two or three times. Now as the weather changes, I hope to really start exploring the area from a new perspective.

To be honest, this was one of the bigger nonessential purchases I’ve made in a long time, and although I don’t really need to justify my spending to the three of you reading this post (sorry Dad), I will.

Reasons for buying a $1000 drone:

  1. The Mavic Pro is awesome. 4k video, crazy-intelligent flight modes (i.e. active tracking, tripod, and return to home), easy to use controls, and it all folds up, Transformer-style, to be the size of a nalgene bottle.
  2. Meredith and I write a travel blog on the side, Map & Menu, and we really want to start incorporating video into the posts. The Mavic Pro gives us a drone that we can pack away in the bottom of a backpack, without the need for extra cases or bags. I can’t emphasize how convenient the size/quality ratio is.
  3. The world really is more amazing from a new perspective. We’ve noticed this while traveling past our neighborhood from the water in a kayak or on a boat, but it can much more simple than that – sometimes I reverse the routes of my walks with Orvis just to see life from a new angle. Everything seen from the drone is seen from a new angle.
  4. It’s my money, and just another perk of DINK life.

If you have any experience with drones, video, or video editing, and have some tips for the free-time black hole I’m about to cruise into, let me know in the comments, or the next time I see you on Slack.

Let’s see. I feel like there’s an obligatory “some other things I should mention” catch-up list coming since it’s been a while since I’ve posted…

  • The Tar Heels won the NCAA men’s basketball championship. I’ll leave the color scheme of the site for a few more weeks… months… maybe even years. #gdtbath #wheresdook
  • I’m crushing the bathroom/laundry room rennovation. If “crushing” means “taking my sweet time to the frustration of my extremely patient wife”. Check this herringbone tile job that I’m particularly proud of. I really do hope to finish it up in the next week and blog about the adventures.
  • The hammock is up for the season. I really need to figure out a way to get my wifi to the back corner of the yard…

h/t Lance for the always horrible pun in this month’s title.

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