A Day of REST Boston 2017

I popped down to Boston yesterday to attend Human Made and Post Status’s A Day of REST.

Since it’s a short-ish drive and we have a lot going on around the house in Maine, I decided to join the commuting masses and make the trip down and back in a single day. Waking up, putting on something more than sweatpants, and getting into the car before noon brought back nightmares of my pre-Automattic work life. I might have to leave my sweats on for a few extra hours today to make up for it.

Anyways… I was really impressed with the event.

I attend a decent number of conferences through work. From small regional WordCamps, to larger industry ones, it’s hard to find a nice balance of size, length, and technical level. ADOR seemed to hit the sweet spot. It helps that the conference is able to concentrate on a single facet of the WordPress ecosystem, but I was genuinely impressed with the quality of speakers, the spectrum of perspectives covered (the three flash talks from non-devs after lunch were particularly refreshing), and the fact that it all fit into a single day (although there are optional workshops before and after).

Frankly, I was just really blown away by some of the examples of REST-enhanced real world examples that are starting to crop up.

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