Sabbatical: Week 2

That’s the beauty of the sun, it does the moving for you.
Me, working on my tan line

Well, I’ve fully embraced the funemployed lifestyle. Late breakfasts, books in bed, boozy lunches, days spent on the beach, boozy dinners… I think I used to do something on the internet, with lines of code, but all of that is but a distant memory now. I think I used to have a sabbatical to-do list, with constructive items, but that seems like an impossibility from this sweet hammock.

I’ve been horrible about getting things done this week, but excellent about getting nothing done this week. I crushed my sabbatical count – upped my runs in preparation for the Beach to Beacon, added my first completed book to the list, and stacked up an impressive number of beach trips with Orvis and Meredith. However, I noticed from my hammock yesterday that the grass is getting tall, the weeds are creeping in, and that renovation project still isn’t even pretending to inch toward the finish line.

The anxiety I was feeling is largely gone. I still catch myself checking my work email by accident in the morning or glancing at notifications while blogging, but I’ve kicked the Slack habit with a vengeance. Although now I’m worried I won’t be able to get back into the swing of things at the end of all of this… at least I’ll have 78 full nights of sleep between now and then.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this was really just a reset week. I think if I’d continue on like this without doing anything constructive, I’d slowly drive myself mad (and quickly drive Meredith mad). I really just wanted a week to try to forget work and remember how to read things on paper. I’m feeling happy – last week, we had an awesome family lunch (Orvis included) at Eventide, and even though we ultimately got caught in an afternoon downpour, there was nothing but laughter as the sabbatical me fully embraced the sabbatical life.

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