Seasonal Picture of My Dog

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I know¬†one pup that’s happy with the 15″+ that got dumped on us this week.

Every big snow storm makes me think back to this Instagram that Meredith snapped¬†4 years ago. It’s crazy to think that at 10 years old, Orvis still loves jumping through the snow like it’s the first time he’s seen it.

A Day of REST Boston 2017

I popped down to Boston yesterday to attend Human Made and Post Status’s A Day of REST.

Since it’s a short-ish drive and we have a lot going on around the house in Maine, I decided to join the commuting masses and make the trip¬†down and back in a single day.¬†Waking up, putting on something more than sweatpants, and getting into the car before noon brought back nightmares of my pre-Automattic work life. I might have to leave my sweats on for a few extra hours today to make up for it.

Anyways… I was really impressed with the event.

I¬†attend a decent number of conferences through work. From small regional WordCamps, to larger industry ones, it’s hard to find a nice balance of size, length, and technical level. ADOR seemed to hit the sweet spot. It helps that the conference is¬†able to concentrate on a single facet of the WordPress ecosystem, but I was genuinely impressed with the quality of speakers, the spectrum of perspectives covered (the three flash talks from non-devs after lunch were particularly refreshing), and the fact that it all fit into a single day (although there are optional workshops before and after).

Frankly, I was just really blown away by some of the examples of REST-enhanced real world examples that are starting to crop up.

A little about the theme.

Given my history as a WordPress themer, I imagine this site will change a bit over time, so I’m going to try to create a visual record.

Site in a site. Go Heels.

To remove the friction of starting, I went with my favorite WordPress default theme, Twenty Sixteen, by the completely overrated designer (and my very close friend), Takashi Irie.

Cain, why is your color scheme so blue? Overrated designer, Takashi Irie

In honor of the Tarheels¬†being the 2017 ACC regular season champions, and in the spirit of March Madness, I’ve whipped up a color scheme based on God’s favorite color – Carolina Blue¬†(542, if he needs a Pantone reference).

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

^^ I figure that I’ve got to start this blog somehow, so why not just let WordPress do the heavy lifting?

A¬†quick intro would be nice‚Ķ¬†I’m Michael Cain.

In the spirit of dogfooding, to create a place to share my brilliant musings on life, and in order to take advantage of an¬†awesome .blog address, I’ve created this site. I don’t really have a set format – I imagine it’ll be a failed attempt at a somewhat regular, self-deprecating, stream of consciousness.

In reality, it’ll probably end up just being a bunch of pictures of my dog.

My dog.

Welcome to the fun.